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Ground Black Pepper and Whole Pepper
Ground Black Pepper Black Pepper Ground 24 Mesh
Black Pepper Ground 28 Mesh Black Pepper Ground Fine Mesh 60
Botanical Name: Piper Nigrum.
Color: Dark Brown in color
General Specs: Product is made from dry MG-1 black pepper processed and packed in most modern manufacturing plant
Physical Properties
Color Dark Brown in color
Appearance Free Flowing
Granulation As desired. From coarse ground to fine
Aroma Characteristic penetrating odor
Flavor Pungent biting taste
Chemical Properties
Moisture Max 12%
Total Ash Max 7%
Acid Insoluble ash Max 1.2%
Non-Volatile Ether extract Min 5.5%
Crude fiber Max 18%
Volatile Oil Min 2%
Piperine Min 5%
We also deal in White Pepper Lasta Ground
Microbiological properties available on request.
The above specification is to be considered as guideline only.


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